Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners in Fraser Valley

Author: Scotties Green Tech Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Ltd |

People usually have misconceptions that even though our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners in Fraser Valley offer effective cleaning but the employment of their methods would damage the fabrics if appointed frequently. It’s absolutely wrong if you think likewise. Carpets and rugs are mostly woven from nylon, wool, polyester and acrylics. All these materials are vulnerable to oils and dirt which can get deep into them and are stuck between the tightly bound threads. Even if you typically vacuum or wash them, the deep-down dust and grease would still be intact. To deeply cleanse your carpets, rugs and upholstery, the only option is to appoint professional servicemen.

Award-winning Scotties Carpet Cleaning services are the best to opt while looking for Carpet Protection in Fraser Valley. The employment of cleaning products and pressure cleaning not only protects your fabrics from getting accumulated quickly but it also pushes the detergents in the depths of your carpet and rugs to clear all residing stains, dust, fungi and mites respectively. The post application of green guard carpet and upholstery protective agents caters discoloration and maintains a fresh look for longer. The staff deployed to serve you has excellent knowledge and skills to cater all fragile and sturdy materials without getting them damaged throughout their service appointments.

Our Carpet Protection services in Fraser Valley are credible for the following ways:

  1. Liability Certifications:
    We are certified for the best utilization of eco-friendly cleaning methods which not only cleans better but also protects your carpet and upholstery fabric afterwards.
  2. Non-Toxic Cleaning:
    All our employed products are environment friendly and does not produce any harmful fumes. These green rated products also make our work superior than ever.
  3. Longer Protections:
    Anti-soiling helps retain the fibers shape which will not only deploy a newer look but also protect the dust and dirt from sticking deep into them.


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